Words into Print is an alliance of independent book editors and publishing consultants. We bring to our work many years of experience acquiring, editing, and marketing books on staff at major New York publishing houses.

Today, in-house editors are under such pressure to enhance their employers’ bottom lines that they have little or no time to develop books. They often can’t acquire a novel unless it lands on their desks in near-perfect shape, or a nonfiction project unless the proposal is irresistible, the idea surefire, and the book presold into its market. In this difficult environment, more and more writers—first-timers and established authors alike—are relying on independent editors to help bring their projects to fruition.

The editors of Words into Print are committed to helping you develop, revise, and polish your work. We can also help you write query letters, identify appropriate agents and publishers, or find the best direct routes to publication. We invite you to browse through our site to learn more about what we do.