To Blog or Not to Blog?

What a vexing question. It’s also a pressing one, which all authors should consider carefully. What’s not at issue is whether blogging is one of the most effective methods authors can use for building a promotional “platform.” That’s industry lingo for an author’s combined capabilities to contribute to marketing, which all publishers factor seriously into […]

An Editor of One’s Own

Are book doctors really worth it? What do they do that agents and in-house editors might not? With all the help a writer can get on the journey from manuscript to published book, why hire an editor of one’s own?   Before the Age of the Independent Editor, literary agents and publishing staff were the […]

All the Difference: Forays into Nontraditional Publishing

by the Editors of Words into Print and Selected Clients For writers of today who, by choice or through default, do not have their books published by mainstream presses, ever-changing alternatives are available. Among these options are print-on-demand, e-book publishers, limited print runs, hybrid publishers, and self-publishers. Words into Print, an independent editors’ group based […]